Document Translation

From a small paragraph to a whole book series, we can deliver anything upon request. Send us the document. We will handle the rest.

Public Document Translation

A birth certificate, a driver's licence or anything else that you may need a translation for, we can take care of it. We have been doing this since 1997.

Legal Document Translation

Our experienced team is always available to handle any legal translation requirements. After all we are ISO certified so you can have peace of mind.

Medical Document Translation

Specialised medical documents that include sensitive personal data should only be trusted with seasoned and verified professional companies. Like us.

Website Translation

Your website is the most important presence in the digital world we live in today. Make it future-proof by translating it to the language your clients speak. It is more accessible and more inclusive this way and it will definitely not go unnoticed.

App Localization

Your application is approved and ready to be downloaded? Are you developing your own? You might be a big development studio in need of a translation agency. No matter who you are, an application should be accessible to everyone. Make it so by translating it to your clients' language. We can do that for you.

Document Typing

Any type of file or document that includes text is possible to be reproduced. We have typed from small picture files to complete handwritten manuscripts. The main reason to do so is to preserve the text itself for historical or sentimental reasons. Do not skip on that.

Braille Transcription

We proudly offer the transcription of any document to Braille documents in English and Greek. More than 36 million people are blind and more that 217 million have medium to severe loss of vision. Upon completing the transcript, we print the final document in as many copies as you need.

Tourism Sector Translation

You have planned everything down to the last detail and you are ready to welcome your guests. Why not make their experience more enjoyable, having your documents translated in a language they can understand? Whether it's a restaurant menu, hotel brochure, cocktail catalogue or anything related to tourism, we can undertake it all.

Instruction Manual Translation

If you want your customers to always read the manual, you should make it available in their language. In a worldwide expanding market, a professionally translated manual is essential for the safety of the product user.

Document Certification and True Copies

Thanks to our ever-expanding network of partners, we provide official / certified translations, by lawyers, certified translators and graduate translators of the Ionian University from and to all languages. We also have the ability to provide true copies of documents certified by a lawyer. Let us know in advance if you need this service when you make a request.

Business Document Translation

Let's make your idea a reality. Whether you need a presentation, a filing or any other business contract translated, contact us and our team will help you achieve your goals.

Transcription Services

Whether it is audio or video, from any source, we can deliver a detailed professional transcription along with translating to any language required. We only need for the file to have a decent audio quality.

Subtitling Services

From a home video to video streaming giants and movie studios, our team can service everyone. It's beautiful to hear the dialogue as intended, while you also learn the language.

Voice-over Services

We collaborate with the best voice actors worldwide to produce a clear, concise result. Our internal team alongside our external contributors will translate and produce whatever you request.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Voice synthesis, AI assisted writing and anything in between. We are excited to explore the future with you. Special requests welcome!