We operate in conformity with the Quality Management System ISO 17100:2015. All the translations done by Polyglot Translations are carefully carried out by experienced translators and revised before delivery. If you have any query regarding the quality of your translation, you may contact us. The translator will give you any explanations you may require regarding any terms used and shall make corrections if necessary.

The minimum deadline is 24 hours. However, your project may be delivered sooner than that. In extremely urgent situations and depending on the word volume, we may be able to get it done for you within the day, depending on when you contact us. So please do!

When your translation is ready, you will receive an e-mail with instructions. As soon as you pay for the project, we can send you your translated documents electronically and/or deliver them by post and of course, you can always pick them up from our offices.

There is no minimum translation volume. However, a minimum charge equivalent to 200 words is made to cover the cost of the translation process.


We do not use a set cost per word or per 100/200 words because each request is different. We always keep up with our industry to make sure that we charge the lowest cost per project, making sure that we enumerate our partners adequately. We are not the cheapest. We want to be the best and charge the least amount for it.

We are certified by TÜV Hellas (TÜV Nord Group). Our GDPR policy and our line of work, demands the highest security standards. This is what we follow to the highest degree. Our partners are hand-picked and are also bound by contract. You can rest assured that we will not hand your details and sensitive information to anyone else but you or your designated representative. You can read all our policies at the bottom of our page.

You don’t need an account to be able to send us or receive documents. However, an account will help you keep track of your requested projects, provides encrypted protection to your stored documents, gives you access to them from anywhere in the world you may be and will have expanded capabilities in the coming weeks! So why not!

Sure! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will sort it as soon as possible. Are you a collaborator or another type of partner? Include your Partner ID in the subject of the email so we get to you faster. Don’t have that on hand either? Don’t worry we’ll get to you as well!


There are very few languages that we haven’t translated already. Even if we have not translated in your requested language before, our ever-expanding list of translation partners will surely cover your needs! Let us know today.

Yes! Emphatically so! We love to empower communication and we are proud to be able to provide access to our Braille user base. Do not hesitate to ask us for further information and assistance.

Yes, you can! We have been offering our services worldwide since 1997 and our office is located in Rhodes, which is a world-renowned tourist attraction. Our clients are locals, expats and visitors who learn about our services through our satisfied customers. We want to meet you and serve you as well so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Polyglot L.S. was recently acquired by Keytio L.P. which is an innovative company, investing in the latest technologies and trends, in order to try and solve your communication needs. We will be detailing our progress in our blog and in our newsletters, so subscribe and we will let you know of our upcoming breakthroughs!